Chandrayaan-3 Direct Official Live Streaming | Er.

India’s remarkable journey in space exploration achieves a momentous feat with the imminent Chandrayaan-3 Mission, poised to achieve a gentle touchdown on the lunar terrain. This accomplishment signifies a significant advancement in Indian Science, Engineering, Technology, and Industry, embodying our nation’s strides in space exploration.

This eagerly awaited occurrence will be presented in real-time on August 23, 2023, commencing at 17:20 Hrs. IST. The live broadcast will be accessible through various platforms, including the ISRO Website, YouTube, ISRO’s Facebook page, and DD National TV channel.

The smooth landing of Chandrayaan-3 represents an extraordinary instant that not only stirs curiosity but also ignites a fervor for discovery among our youth. It instills a deep sense of honor and unity as we collectively revel in the prowess of Indian science and technology. This accomplishment will contribute to cultivating an environment of scientific curiosity and inventive thinking.

Given this, all educational institutions across the nation are extended an invitation to actively engage in this historic episode. Schools and colleges are encouraged to effectively publicize this event among their students and faculty and arrange for the LIVE streaming of the Chandrayaan-3 soft landing on their premises.